The next Pisces will start in 14 days (Sunday, 19 February, 2023, 02:46 UTC)

The Moon moves to Pisces in 16 days (Tuesday, 21 February, 2023, 02:46 UTC)

Mercury moves to Pisces in 26 days (Friday, 03 March, 2023, 02:46 UTC)

Venus is currently in Pisces

Saturn moves to Pisces in 31 days (Wednesday, 08 March, 2023, 02:46 UTC)

Neptune is currently in Pisces


Venus In Pisces

We will all be under a hypnotic love spell while Venus is in Pisces! We’ll want to fall in love, be in love, and merge with the object of our affection. It’ll easier for us to connect with our significant other when this planet moves into this sign. Pisces is all about tapping into an alternate dream world so that we can shrug off the stresses of everyday life and focus on romance.

While everything seems dreamy and romantic, there is something we need to be cautious of. Venus in Pisces can fog up our judgment to the point that we overlook our partner’s flaws. Unless we’ve had plenty of time to get to know someone, this is not the best time to make a commitment. It’s easy to believe in love at first sight when Venus is in Pisces, so we need to take it slow so that we don’t end up falling in love with an illusion.

Still, seeing other people in an idealistic light isn’t always a bad thing. If we are in a relationship where we’ve felt nitpicky about our significant other’s shortcomings, enchanting Venus and compassionate Pisces can make us fully appreciate what we’ve got. Letting go of control allows us to have a deeper and more meaningful connection with our partner so that we can experience love in its purest form.

When it comes to the money side of Venus in Pisces, it’s a great time to cultivate an imaginative or spiritual pursuit and consider how to monetize it. Venus in Pisces, however, is not about chasing the almighty dollar. This transit would rather have us doing something charitable with our gifts.


Neptune In Pisces

Neptune in Pisces grants us a unique form of sight. As the Piscean focus on emotion and spirit merges with Neptune’s pull to unify all things, a clarity emerges from the fog, shedding light on our own contradictions. We can suddenly see clearly the futility of caring about petty differences. The value of coming together shines like gold, and the path to wholeness is illuminated.

This transit calls us to look at what we each can contribute toward our collective progress and healing. We all have gifts, ideas, and dreams for how things could be. Neptune in Pisces is an invitation to explore our emotional intelligence for our own unique offerings.

This is the perfect time to take a course in a spiritual path that calls to us, or to create an altar space at home and connect with that which feels most sacred. The energy of Neptune in Pisces nudges us to consider how to then share these ideas with the world, and reminds us that its presence will support us in this process.

Pisces Report

The next Pisces will start in 82 days, at Sunday, 19 February, 2023

The Moon moves to Pisces tomorrow, at Wednesday, 30 November, 2022

Mercury moves to Pisces in 94 days, at Friday, 03 March, 2023

Venus moves to Pisces in 59 days, at Friday, 27 January, 2023

Jupiter is currently in Pisces
Saturn moves to Pisces in 99 days, at Wednesday, 08 March, 2023

Neptune is currently retrograde in Pisces
The First Quarter moon is currently 5.9 days old. The next new moon is at 10:17:56, 23 Dec 2022. The next full moon is at 23:09:55, 6 Jan 2023.
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